Quick ‘N Easy Tip: QR Codes

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to integrate technology in your classroom, QR codes might be a good place to start! A QR code is basically an image that contains a code that allows you to link to URLs or other information.

If you do a quick google search of “QR codes in the classroom” you will find TONS of suggestions for how to make QR codes a part of your routine. Here are just a few ideas:

Teacher Uses for QR Codes

  • project a QR code on the board so students can go straight to an article or other warm-up activity when they walk in the room (see picture from Mr. Lopez’s class below).
  • Embed QR codes to online tutorials in assignment sheets and/or rubrics (see this article that I wrote about this strategy a few years ago)
  • Link QR codes to student work and hang them around your room for back to school night
  • Create a digital scavenger hunt
  • The possibilities are endless!
Mr. Lopez has this projecting on the board when students walk in, and they immediately scan the code and get to work on reading the article. Great classroom management tool!

Student Uses for QR Codes

  • Link a QR code to a video they posted on YouTube and hang up in the room so their peers can scan and view their work
  • Link a QR code to the student’s blog so peers and parents can quickly access their latest posts
  • Use a QR reader that saves scans to create a list of resources used for a research project

Creating a QR Code

There are MANY sites out there to help you make a QR code in seconds. Personally I prefer goo.gl or tiny.cc because they double as link shorteners, and (if you are logged in) they save your links and QR codes. I definitely suggest providing a shortened URL in addition to the QR code (like Mr. Lopez did on his slide) in case your students are using a laptop to access the link instead of their iPad.

All you do to create a code is copy the URL of the destination and paste it into the QR code generator. The site will automatically generate it for you, and you can save it to your device as a jpg file! To insert it in Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, or whatever interface you want, simply drag the file where you want it!

Scanning a QR Code

There are many free QR code scanners out there. If your students have access to the app store, you can simply tell them to download one. If you’d rather have the school manage that process, let me know and I can start a help ticket for you!

Happy scanning!


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